About Our Leasing Program

  Space Requirements

  • Machine Space  10'  X 10'
  • 220 V. 3ph. 60 Amp.
  • Ventilation  6' to outside
  • One pallet cold storage

After evaluating the space, JiMiNY will provide you with a report of requirements.

Typically, we will recommend the most efficient layout, provide 3D layout sketches, provide quotation of wooden shelves (if needed) and provide a project timeline.

Evaluation of space needs

JiMiNY will be responsible for keeping the equipment in working condition.

Comprehensive operation manuals.

JiMiNY will provide services to the chip program as needed, and  Chipping potatoes, seasonings, packaging and additional training.

JiMiNY will deliver the equipment and will remain with the machine in the duration of the installation.

JiMiINY will get the machine in operation after installation and will start training the personnel dedicated for the Chip Department to certify them as Chip Masters.

Jiminy SnacKing

Program Services

Installation of Jiminy Sna​cKing

The Technology

Jiminy Snacking Generation III

  • Patent Pending technology
  • Safety enclosure
  • Self-contained atmosphere control
  • Ease of operation, touch screen 
  • Fire suppression system
  • Production product time and weight management
  •  Inventory management system
  • "CIP" Clean In Place) oil filtration and storage system
  • Oil life extender (Nano Technology)
  • WiFi Technology communication

Make Award

Winning Chips