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Jiminy LLC

Jiminy chips is committed to helping reduce our environmental impact. We follow these steps to stay Green!

Jiminy LLC

Jiminy Chips sources and uses all locally grown or made products to produce our wonderful chips.

Jiminy LLC

Jiminy converts its used oil to biodiesel for powering it 


What makes JiMiNY products fresh?
JiMiNY chips are produced daily. 

What potatoes do you use to make your chips?
JiMiNY uses only premium potatoes from local farms, sourced by JiMiNY CHIPS. We use a specific variety with exactly the right shape, right size, with an extra thin peel and starchiness.  They are triple washed!   

What do you cook our chips in?
We only use premium peanut oil.

Do the oils you use contain trans fats? 
No, our oil does not contain trans fats.

Are your products dairy free?
Some of the seasonings that we use for our signature flavors may include milk. Some of these include the butter and the ranch flavors. Be sure to check the nutrition facts and ingredients to make sure.

How do I read the Nutritional Label?

Jiminy Snacks can be incorporated into a nutritious diet. Recent studies show that when favorite foods are included, people actually are more likely to stick to a healthier diet. Jiminy CHiPS provides a nutrition label called “Nutrition Facts.” This label was developed by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to help you determine which foods fit into a healthy diet, identify nutrients that impact health, and provide guidelines for nutrient claims. 

AMOUNT PER SERVING: These are weights, measured in grams or milligrams, and show how much of a nutrient each serving contains. The “% Daily Values” listed next to these values is useful in determining how a food fits into a 2,000-calorie diet.

CALORIES: Lists the number of calories in the serving stated above.

TOTAL FAT: Lists the grams of fat in a serving of the food. Higher fat foods should be balanced with lower fat foods.

SATURATED FAT: This is part of the total fat in food. Don’t add total fat and saturated fat together.

CHOLESTEROL: The cholesterol in all JiMiNY Snack foods is extremely low. In fact, most of our products have a “0” cholesterol count.

SODIUM: The average JiMiNY product contains less than 10% of the Daily Value for sodium.

SERVING SIZE: Now listed in “consumer friendly” terms (ounces, cups, etc.). Be sure to match this number with the amount you are eating. 

CALORIES FROM FAT: Total grams of fat multiplied by 9 calories per gram.

PERCENT OF DAILY VALUE (%DV): These numbers show what portion of the Daily Value is provided by one serving of the food. These numbers are useful in determining whether a food is high or low in a certain nutrient, and in balancing your food choices. 

SUGARS: Unlike other nutrients, sugars do NOT have a Daily Value. 

PROTEIN: Contrary to popular belief, protein is not only found in animal products. We get protein from eating cheese, grains, cereals, and even some protein found in JiMiNY products.

DAILY VALUES: These are reference amounts set by the Government for daily nutrient intake.